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Cold Shock

Cold Shock – From Summer To Winter In Few Days

Cold Shock

In Croatia, the temperature dropped by 25 degrees.

An unusual cold outbreak over the south-eastern part of Europe in a few days turned summery spring weather into regular winter weather.

In particular, the northern part of the Balkans experienced a marked change in weather.

After some days of temperatures over 20 degrees at the end of last week, ice cold air from Russia sent the thermometer down below freezing after the weekend, while the precipitation fell like snow.

The temperature dropped by 25 degrees in a few days

In the Croatian capital Zagreb, after a few days of hot spring weather, Friday was the warmest day of the year, up to summer 23 degrees.

The Croats took advantage of both the hot weather on Friday and Saturday in the city parks and on the banks of Lake Jarun, but quickly changed out the T-shirt with winter clothing as the cold arrived from the northeast during Sunday.

On Monday morning, Zagreb rose to -2 degrees, and during the evening a heavy snowstorm set in, which also affected several countries in eastern and southeastern Europe.

The winter weather with snow and with daytime temperatures just above freezing continued Tuesday and Wednesday, leaving spring flowers covered with snow and blooming cherry trees in a wintery landscape.

Typical spring phenomenon

The sudden cold is a typical spring phenomenon in the eastern part of Europe, where spring is nap while it is still winterly cold over the northern part of Russia.

If the air comes from the Mediterranean, you will have summer weather as before the weekend. However, if the wind turns north-east, there is direct supply of ice-cold winter air from Russia.

This type of weather change, as experienced in recent days, can cause both very large and sudden temperature drops, and the heat can return in a few days.

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