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Odense Kommune sender 2000 medarbejdere hjem

Odense Municipality sends 2000 employees home

Odense Kommune sender 2000 medarbejdere hjem

The decision comes in the wake of a number of restrictions that the authorities have introduced in 18 municipalities, among them Odense.

Due to the increasing infection with coronavirus in Odense, the municipality has decided to send all administrative staff home.

This is stated by City Director of Odense Municipality Stefan Birkebjerg Andersen to TV 2 Fyn .

– It concerns up to 2000 employees, says Stefan Birkebjerg Andersen.

This means that the employees in question must work from home until 22 September.

– The Minister of Health has today given a number of recommendations to Odense Municipality, where we must, as far as possible, repatriate employees. It also appears that the municipality’s core tasks such as teaching and care will not be affected, says Stefan Birkebjerg to TV 2 Fyn.

19 people in Odense have been tested positive for coronavirus in the past week. 124 people in the municipality have tested positive in the past week.

On Monday, the health authorities introduced a number of restrictions in 18 municipalities, where infection rates are currently high.

Among them is Odense.


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