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In Odense and Copenhagen, the bars must close again early: ‘It is better to have fun under orderly conditions’


Bar owners in Odense are annoyed by new restrictions.

From tomorrow, Odense and a number of municipalities in the metropolitan area will be hit by new restrictions to get rid of rising corona infection rates.

This will mean that the assembly ban will be tightened , so that you can now only gather 50 people instead of 100, and then restaurants and bars must no longer be open until 2 o’clock at night.

They should instead return to close at midnight.

This annoys Rasmus Ullehus, who owns Lørup’s Wine Bar in Odense.

– I actually think people are just drunk at 24 and 2 o’clock. So I would think it’s nice that people are allowed to come into town. Here, the staff is almost trained in corona safety, and it is under orderly conditions, he says.

Party under supervision

He himself is in doubt about the effect of cutting two hours of the bars’ opening hours.

– It can also be dangerous to let the parties move home to people again. There are people not supervised. They’re here.

– If you do not want people to go out, you can ban it. But now it has been said that people should go out and have fun. Then it is better that they do it under orderly conditions here, he says.

However, he is not so afraid that it will have an effect on his own turnover at the bar. People have instead gone out earlier when the closing time has been at midnight.

– But if we are closed completely again, it will of course have major consequences.


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