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Frank Jensen

Mayor for the leaders in Copenhagen: You decide whether employees should work from home

Frank Jensen

The City of Copenhagen has approximately 40,000 employees. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

New coronary restrictions are a reality in 18 municipalities, where the infection has become serious again.

This means that many public employees are sent home to look after the work. In Odense Municipality, this means that 2,000 employees will have to do without their colleagues for a preliminary two weeks.

In Copenhagen, Mayor Frank Jensen (S), unlike his mayor colleague Peter Rahbek Juel (S), cannot put a concrete figure on how many municipal employees are to be sent home.

– The employees who can take care of the work from home are sent home. This is because we must comply with the recommendation from the Minister and the Ministry that we send administrative staff home as far as possible. And of course we will do that, says Frank Jensen.

The boss decides

Last night, a crisis meeting was held in the City of Copenhagen, where the municipality’s administrative directors were to discuss the repatriation plan.

Frank Jensen says that it will be up to the individual managers around the municipality to decide who does not need to pack their work bag and leave home every morning.


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