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Telia Company AB Is Having Major Technical Problems

Telia Company

It was late Saturday afternoon that Telia suffered from technical problems.

Several customers contacted Expressen.

When the Expressen talks to Helena Gunterberg, press officer at Telia at 18.30 on Saturday night, she says:

We currently have technical problems. We are investigating to find out what it is. We hope it will be fixed in a relatively short time.

We have started an analysis work.

Here is a possible solution

At the same time, several readers inquire about a possible solution to the problem.

The Express has, through a reader, tested the method and in that case it worked. The method requires a certain technical knowledge:

You need to change settings in your router and use Google’s DNS server instead of Telias. You do this by setting the DNS server to (primary) and (secondary). Many testify that the problems then disappear.

The newspaper PC-Tidningen has written an article here explaining what DNS is for something.

When Expressen talks to Telia just before 20.30 on Saturday evening, press officer Helena Gunterberg says:

What we can confirm is that some of our customers are experiencing problems with their fixed and mobile data services. Telephony is not affected. We continue to troubleshoot.

Inger Gunterberg states that it is not possible at present to respond to the magnitude of the error.

Source: www.expressen.se

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