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Mattias Tesfaye

The Government Will Ban Religious Weddings By Minors

Mattias Tesfaye

It must be over that minors can be religiously devoted in Denmark.

This is what the government is saying, which now comes with several proposals for changes in the area.

We must not be naive. Forced marriages exist in Denmark. Unfortunately, we regularly hear about women being held in religious marriages against their will, says Foreign Affairs and Integration Minister Mattias Tesfaye (S) in a written response to TV 2.

It is women who would like to be a part of Denmark who are prevented from doing so by their families and social circle. Our citizens are in the midst of a freedom struggle and need more support from Christiansborg, he says.

In addition to a ban on religious marriages of minors, the government also proposes that the penalty for detaining someone in a forced marriage should be sharpened and lead to deportation.

I will only be happy if those responsible smoke in the damper or are expelled. We must be on the women’s side in their freedom struggle, says Mattias Tesfaye.

Source: nyheder.tv2.dk

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