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19 dead in Holstebro: Corona Infections continues to flourish in nursing homes


Both the Elder Case and the Alzheimer’s Association are calling for an investigation into what has happened in Holstebro Municipality.

The elderly care in Holstebro Municipality has been severely affected by corona, and the infection continues to flourish in nursing homes in the municipality.

A statement from the municipality shows that there have been a total of 45 citizens in nursing homes and in home care who have been infected with corona. 19 of them died. The first case of infection returned to March 21, but the inventory shows that new cases of infection still occur in some of the city’s nursing homes.

The extent shakes Nis Peter Nissen, director of the Alzheimer’s Association.

“I think that 19 deaths are alarming,” he says.

The infection has also been widespread among employees in the Social and Health Administration. 105 employees have been returned because of suspected corona or a positive test.

Dr. Niels Høiby is Professor of Clinical Microbiology at Rigshospitalet. His assessment is also that Holstebro has been extremely hard hit.

– It is a very, very high number, and testifies to something you might call a disaster in the nursing homes it has gone beyond. It’s really loud and it’s sad, he says.

Hard hit nursing home

Holstebro Municipality will not disclose how many have died in each nursing home. But it is clear that three nursing homes, Bakkebo, Mellemtoft and Beringshaven, have been affected by coronary infection. There has been no infection at other homes, nursing homes or care centers in the municipality. However, there may also be infected and dead in the home care, but the municipality will only give a total number.

Director of the municipality’s Social and Health Administration Lone Becker Kjærgaard has previously said that “Bakkebo in Vinderup has been severely affected”. One access shows that there have been 17 infected citizens at Bakkebo, but the municipality

rejects to state how many have died at the severely affected nursing home.

The latest statement from the Norwegian Serum Institute shows that there have been 198 coronary-related deaths in nursing homes in Denmark. Since Holstebro will not disclose if some ofdeaths in the municipality has been done in home care, it is not possible to make a direct comparison.

But it is clear that Holstebro, which constitutes one percent of the Danish population, is very much into the statistics on nursing homes. Holstebro Municipality has had 45 infected people in nursing homes and in home care, while in all nursing homes in Denmark there have been 565 infected residents.

We have followed guidelines
Despite the many infected and dead, the director of the municipality’s Social and Health Administration Lone Becker Kjærgaard does not believe that anything went wrong in the municipality’s management of the disease.

We think this is because there has been a great infection pressure in Holstebro.

When Lone Becker Kjærgaard talks about a major infection pressure in Holstebro, it is connected to the fact that the municipality is the area west of the Great Belt that has had the most infection.

So it’s not related to how you handled it at nursing homes and care centers?

I don’t think so, no. We have followed the recommendations of the National Board of Health at all times. I have been really proud of the staff who have been out here every single day and really done everything they could at all and used the protective equipment they needed, says the director of the Social and Health Administration.


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