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Ministry of Foreign Affairs After Queue Chaos: Drop The Journeys – Also To Sweden

Øresund Bridge

Quarantine is still strongly recommended for 14 days after a visit abroad – even if it is a neighboring country.

During the corona crisis, the Danes had the opportunity to travel to Sweden without difficulty, as our neighbors have not closed the borders.

But the message from the Foreign Ministry is clear: Stay home.

This is what Erik Brøgger Rasmussen, director of Organization and Citizenship under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, tells Sydsvenskan.

No countries are currently exempt from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs recommendations. Nor is Sweden, he says.

He adds that there is still a strong recommendation to quarantine for 14 days while abroad – even if it is a weekend or day trip to neighboring.

The Foreign Ministry’s general recommendation is that all journeys be discouraged. This recommendation is valid until 31 May.

Coconut on the weekend

The announcement that the recommendations also apply to Sweden comes after Sunday long car queues on the Øresund Bridge with people returning from Sweden.

Here, Jens Jespersen, a leading police inspector in the Copenhagen Police, guessed that the long queues were mainly due to Danes who had used Christ’s ascension days for a trip to Sweden or Bornholm.

In a comparable time period last Sunday, we had 3,400 vehicles, while yesterday we had about 9,000. So it’s a massive added traffic, he said DR News yesterday.

In recent weeks, the border opening has sparked much debate among the Nordic countries, because both Denmark, Finland and Norway have expressed concern about opening the border to Swedish citizens due to the number of dead and infected in Sweden.

Several of the Danish Parliament’s parties believe that, for example, Norwegian and German tourists should be open in the first place and wait with the Swedish.

The government has until 31 May to announce the borders.


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