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Stefan Löfven

Swedish PM: Our Corona Preparedness Has Not Been Good Enough

Stefan Löfven

Prime Minister Stefan Löfven believes that restaurants should close if they do not take the corona situation seriously.

Sweden was not adequately prepared for the corona crisis that has affected the country and most of the rest of the world.

This is what the Swedish Social Democratic Prime Minister Stefan Löfven said on Saturday in an interview with Swedish SVT .

He also says that the country’s preparedness has not been good enough.

It’s obvious to everyone in several different areas, he says.

Sweden has shown itself to have a somewhat less restrictive approach to the fight against coronavirus than many other countries – including Denmark .

For example, in Sweden, for example, schools, day-care centers and restaurants have been kept open.

The prime minister sees a tendency for guests to heed the government’s advice on how to avoid infection. However, he also believes it should have consequences if the restaurants do not follow the guidelines.

Most restaurants adhere to the advice to keep away from each other and it works. But there are also some places that don’t understand the truth or care about it.

If you do not comply, then you should close, I think.

The Prime Minister does not elaborate exactly who should make such a closure. However, he does not rule out that the police can be involved.

‘Makes sense to keep schools open’

In Saturday’s interview, Löfven is also asked, among other things, whether he is sure that Sweden has chosen the right strategy – for example in relation to continuing to keep the country’s schools open.

We have especially been asked many questions about the schools. We have been criticized by some. But more and more are also saying that it is good that we do not close schools because the children must have a place to be.

So far, it makes sense to keep them open. But should it be required to close them from an infection perspective, then we are ready for it, says Löfven.

870 people have so far been registered dead in Sweden after being infected with coronavirus. This is stated in the Swedish National Board of Health’s statement.


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