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Queen Margrethe

Expert On The Queen’s Climate Statements: ‘She Could Not Have Said That’

Queen Margrethe

Several experts state that climate change today is first and foremost man-made. Queen Margrethe today faces opposition from several climate experts with whom DR News has spoken.

This happens after the queen in an interview with Politiken says she is not “quite convinced” that climate change is directly man-made. At the same time, she urges to avoid climate panic.

This has generated debate both on Christiansborg and on social media. Here, three climate experts relate to the Queen’s statements.

It’s a good point to calm down and not panic. But the climate is a super-tanker that is difficult to turn. It takes right and good decisions. It has to be done globally, but it is difficult. Therefore, it does not matter that everyone goes around with panic anxiety, says Jørgen E. Olesen.


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