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Coronavirus Makes Pharmacies Think In Drive-In And To-Go Is The Best

Denmark Pharmacy

Pharmacies nationwide are experiencing an increase in the number of home deliveries. Now you can not only get your food, but also your medicine, ‘to-go’ or delivered to your door.

Far more customers than usual get the medicine brought to the front door from the pharmacy because of the corona situation.

In this way, sick and especially vulnerable customers avoid having to attend the pharmacy, says the chairman of the Danish Pharmacy Association Anne Kahns.

More than three out of four of our customers are people with one or more chronic illnesses, which is why we have done a lot to reduce the risk of infection.

Several pharmacies have introduced schemes that are otherwise best known from restaurants.

There are some pharmacies that have drive-in functions and others have to-go arrangements, so you don’t have to get out of your car, says chairman Anne Kahns.

More delivery to the door

According to a sample from the Danish Pharmacists’ Association, pharmacists experience a 30 to 40 percent increase in the number of home deliveries compared to normal.

Some pharmacies experience a doubling of the number of deliveries, and one of them is Løve Apoteket in Vejle, where many customers call in and order, says pharmacist Claus Slot.

Either they have been told that they must stay inside doors because they are weakened and must not risk being infected, or else they are just nervous, he says.

In Vejle, they have also introduced a to-go scheme in the pharmacy parking lot where customers can call and order their medicines, pay over mobile pay and get the goods in a bag in the car window.

Of course, it’s a little more hassle-free, and we can’t always talk to our customers about their medication, but we try as best we can over the phone, Claus Slot says.

At Vejen Apotek, too, they are experiencing a much greater demand for delivery, says pharmacist Tina Linde.

Our messenger is really busy and is reaching the edge of our districts, and they have had to extend their working hours in order to provide everyone with the same service.

If you choose to have medicines delivered to your home address, it costs 40 to 50 kroner, according to the pharmacists.

Source: www.dr.dk

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