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Children Can Now Access More Natural Areas In Denmark


The Nature Agency can now open natural playgrounds, packed houses and toilets.

In recent weeks, educators, teachers and daycare workers have been creative when they had to set corona-friendly frameworks for teaching and play.

That is why several schools, kindergartens and crèches have been teaching and playing outdoors.

For although several public places have been closed, the state’s forests, coasts, meadows and other natural areas have always been open.

However, some of the Nature Agency’s facilities, such as packed lunch houses, nature playgrounds, nature centers and toilets, have been closed due to Covid-19.

And the government will now allow the local branches of the Nature Agency to open.

We broadly hear that there is a lack of space. We have large, state-owned nature areas that we would like to put into play and help the municipalities in that way, says Environment Minister Lea Wermelin (S).

An offer to the municipalities
The municipalities themselves must contact the local authority’s local branches if they wish to reopen some areas.

It must be an offer to the municipalities that can see themselves in it. And that is why we plan to find the solutions locally, says the Minister of the Environment.

It can be a natural school building that allows a school class to do different teaching.

Or a packed lunch box or toilet so kids and adults can move further away from school and institution.

Opportunities for new learning
Nature can also act as a different place to learn about the environment around us.

There is great potential in using nature as an educational and green learning environment for the children, where insect traps can be dug down as well as practiced motor skills in the trees. Therefore, I think it can be of great help locally that you will now put more of the facilities of the Danish Nature Agency into play, says chairman of the Children’s and Teaching Committee of KL Thomas Gyldal Petersen.

The Minister for the Environment also believes that the parents will like the opening of several areas of the Nature Agency,

I think both children and adults appreciate nature and the fresh air at a time when much else is going on at home, says Lea Wermelin.

The municipalities can from today contact the local authority’s local branches if they wish to open some of the areas of the board.

Source: dr.dk

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