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Old People In Denmark

Elderly People Are Now Allowed To Socialize With Grandchildren In Denmark

Old People In Denmark

It’s okay to give a hug sometimes, and it’s also okay to see your grandchildren.

This is a new message from Camilla Rathcke, center manager at the National Board of Health , who recently clarified the guidelines for those at risk of a serious illness.

The same goes for the National Board of Health in a longer report , published today:

You may well hug your closest relatives , for example, partner, children and grandchildren, but avoid handshakes, cheek kisses and hugs to anyone other than your closest relatives , it says.

Convulsions and family visits are thus again obvious to people at risk of a serious virus course, as long as they continue to think.

Of course, we recommend that people who are at increased risk are aware and still look after themselves. But we also recommend that you try to find a small group you can meet, says Camilla Rathcke to DR News.

At the same time, she recommends that parents who have been in isolation lately have a dialogue with their children or grandchildren about who they are seen with and what the risks are of giving a hug.

This is how you can really be sure that it is okay to give a hug sometime in between and that it is also okay to see your grandchildren.


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