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Sales of masks are rising in Denmark, and they may become a requirement, experts say


If the spread of infection increases, it makes sense to use masks, assess two professors.

Several sanitary napkins are sold in Denmark. This is the announcement from several stores.

Among other things, Matas, Coop, Normal and Mundværn.dk have experienced a greater demand for sanitary napkins. Also in the company Nomeco, which supplies sanitary napkins to pharmacies, confirms that there has been an increase in sales of sanitary napkins.

Among other things, you have to use a bandage when you go out to fly, and the airports require a bandage.

But even though bandages are still not mandatory in Denmark, it may soon become a reality.

This is the assessment now from professor and chief physician in infectious disease at Hvidovre Hospital Thomas Benfield.

In the autumn, when we expect a greater spread of infection, it may make sense to introduce requirements for bandages to build on top of the other measures – if they are no longer sufficient, he says to TV 2.

According to the chief physician, requirements for bandages can, among other things, be introduced in public transport or for patients who are admitted with respiratory infections.

 Right now we are quite successful in using precautions such as distance and hygiene, says Thomas Benfield.

 But there is better evidence when it comes to the fact that sanitary napkins protect others from becoming infected.

Moving in common areas

Professor of infectious diseases at Rigshospitalet Jens Lundgren agrees.

“Knowledge about the beneficial effects of masks has developed in recent months, and most countries have changed their policies due to that knowledge development,” he told TV 2.


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