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Øresund Bridge

Police warn: Kilometer long queue at the Øresund Bridge may repeat next weekend

Øresund Bridge

Yesterday, motorists queued for hours to cross the border from Sweden to Denmark.

You would have to be patient with patience if last night you made the trip across the Øresund Bridge to get home to Denmark.

From around 17, there were so many cars in line that some motorists waited up to two hours to get to Denmark.

It was because of it temporary entrance control at the border, where the police must ensure that everyone entering Denmark has a “recognized purpose” to enter.

And the scenario may well repeat itself next weekend, says Jens Jespersen, a leading police inspector in the Copenhagen Police. Next weekend it is Pentecost, which gives an extra day off for a short holiday in.

We can easily imagine it happening again in connection with the Pentecost. That is why we are also in dialogue with the Øresund connection, and then we must jointly find out how to better inform in relation to choosing other forms of travel or other times to travel, he says.

A short trip to Sweden or Bornholm

His guess is that the long queues yesterday were mainly due to Danes who had used Christ’s ascension days for a trip to Sweden or Bornholm

We didn’t take the time to interview them individually about where they have been. But our best guess is that this is due to holiday traffic.

In a comparable time period last Sunday, we had 3,400 vehicles, while yesterday we had about 9,000. So it’s a massive extra traffic, says Jens Jespersen.


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