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Cafés And Restaurants

Cafés And Restaurants Reopen In Denmark

Cafés And Restaurants

Cafés and restaurants reopened across Denmark on Monday morning, bringing back some of the pastry-loving nation’s most treasured institutions.

Frigga Rytter was the first guest at Mad & Kaffe, in Copenhagen’s Vesterbro district on Monday morning.

“I’ve really missed it, because this is something I did all the time with my family,” she told Denmark’s state broadcaster. “It’s so fantastic that things are beginning to quietly open up.”

The reopening comes with new guidelines, requiring restaurants and cafés to ensure that each sitting customer has two square metres to themselves, and that there are no groups of more than ten.

There needs to be a distance of at least one metre between tables, or some sort of protection, such as a plastic screen.

There also needs to be “easy access to hand hygiene”.

“It will be like a game of Tetris, but we have to get the pieces together,” Anders Aagaard, founder and owner of Madklubben, which operates 25 restaurants, told DR on Sunday. ”

He said that opening up was going to be a challenge.

“If you’ve helped open a restaurant, then you’ll know how hard it is. And having to open 25, when 13 have been hibernating for two months, it is a special form of torture,” he joked.


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