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Corona Virus

Corona Test And Certificate: Business Travel Is Now Easier

Corona Virus

If you come to Denmark as a business traveler, you must document why the meeting or work cannot be done digitally.

The government has just issued new guidelines on how to, as a business traveler to or from Denmark, should dress.

The new measures include the possibility of obtaining a corona certificate to prove that you do not have the virus. Such a certificate is required if you want to travel to certain countries. This applies to Austria and Cyprus, among others.

It will also be possible for business travelers coming to Denmark to be tested for coronavirus. This way you can avoid the two weeks quarantine, which is otherwise called for when you come home from abroad.

Long-term consequences

According to the government, the new guidelines are a hand-in for the Danish economy. The government estimates that about 800,000 Danish jobs are linked to exports and that many Danish companies are dependent on being able to sell their goods abroad.

Without real access to make business trips out of Denmark, Danish companies lose orders and market shares. This could have long-term consequences for the Danish economy, says the press release on the new guidelines.

At the same time, it is pointed out that different rules may apply from one country to another. To meet this, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will prepare entry and residence restrictions for selected export areas in the first place.

The countries Denmark exports the most are Germany, Sweden, the United Kingdom, the United States, Norway and China.

Only entry if you can’t meet on Skype

To combat coronavirus, the Danish borders have been closed since mid-March. This means that in order to be admitted into the country as a foreigner, one has to have a so-called “recognizable purpose” in entering.

As part of the new guidelines, it will be clarified that business travel is to a large extent also a worthy purpose. However, it will be a requirement for you to be able to cross the Danish border into the country, that you can document your purpose.

You must also state why the trip cannot be postponed or held via a virtual platform such as Skype. Finally, foreigners wishing to enter Denmark on business travel must provide a contact person in connection with their work in Denmark, which can confirm the information.

Source: nyheder.tv2.dk

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