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Face mask

Minister of Health: Face mask in public transport will be a requirement in Aarhus

Face mask

Minister of Health Magnus Heunicke (S) has just informed the parties about new measures to stop the spread of infection in Aarhus.

If you are going to ride a bus, train or other public transport in Aarhus, you must wear a face mask.

The parties in the Folketing at a meeting that is taking place now have been informed of this by Minister of Health Magnus Heunicke (S). This is stated in a letter with demands and calls that DR has seen.

Face mask in public transport are not the only measure being introduced in Aarhus to stop the recent increase in the number of people infected with covid-19.

In addition, citizens are also encouraged to work from home, while it is recommended to postpone physical attendance in high schools and other youth educations for 14 days.

In addition, there are the following calls for Aarhus citizens:

  • Avoid public transportation if possible.
  • Limit congestion when shopping.
  • Increased attention to distance in public space.
  • Let as many activities as possible take place outside.
  • Recommendation to cancel or postpone drug events and study start parties.

Half of the country’s new infected are in Aarhus

The latest figures from the Statens Serum Institut show that a further 136 corona cases have been registered in Denmark.

Thus, the number of infections continues to increase. This is the third day in a row that there are over 100 infected people in Denmark. Yesterday, figures showed that 121 new cases of infection had been registered, while the figure on Wednesday was 112.

Of the 136 cases, 68 are in Aarhus alone. This is twice as many registered cases of infection as yesterday, when 34 people were registered infected in the city.


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