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Michael Essien

Michael Essien will be part of the coaching team in FC Nordsjælland

Michael Essien

The former Chelsea player will be an assistant at FC Nordsjælland.

There has been a little extra star dust over the super league club FC Nordsjælland.

FC Nordsjælland has joined the former Chelsea player Michael Essien as part of the club’s coaching team for the 2020-2021 season.

It writes the super league club on its website .

The former Ghanaian national team player will be part of the club’s coaching team in the coming season entitled ‘Player Coach’.

Essien has previously visited FC Nordsjælland for a week as inspiration for his ongoing coaching education.

An exciting visit that initiated a subsequent dialogue with the club.

– Michael was really an exciting and good acquaintance during his visit with us, and therefore we continued the dialogue with him afterwards. We could feel in him that he was also enthusiastic about the philosophy and the people he met here at FCN, and that the environment inspired him.

– At the same time, we experienced through Michael up close how much it can contribute to having a member of the coaching team as an active part of the training environment among the players, says Jan Laursen on the club’s website.

‘His career and experience speak for themselves’

Essien will be part of the club’s coaching team under head coach Flemming Pedersen.

We experienced Michael Essien as both curious and willing to learn among the coaches before and after the training sessions, but at the same time also contributing and rewarding among the players during the training itself.

– His career and experience speak for themselves, but when you add his humble and rewarding personality, it is a unique opportunity for us to get someone into the coaching team, which can make our environment even more developing for our players. and at the same time provide valuable input to the coaching team and be our extended arm on the training ground, says head coach Flemming Pedersen to the club’s website.

37-year-old Michael Essien has previously played in, among others, French Lyon, Spanish Real Madrid, Italian AC Milan and English Chelsea.

Essien will have its first working day in Farum on 10 September.

FCN starts the upcoming super league season on Sunday away against Brøndby.

Source: dr.dk

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