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Government tightens: Prohibited to serve alcohol after midnight tomorrow in Norway


From tomorrow, it will be forbidden to serve alcohol after midnight throughout the country, says the Minister of Health and Care Services during Friday’s press conference. It is now being tightened in several places in society after increased infection.

– I think most people have understood it now. The holiday is over. We must roll up our sleeves because we have a job to do, Minister of Health and Care Services Bent Høie began the government’s press conference on Friday.

Travelers from red countries must wear face masks all the way home

Today it became clear, among other things, that people who arrive in Norway from red countries should keep their mouths on until they are safe at home where they will stay during the quarantine period.

– This means for most people that they keep their mouths shut when they take, for example, a bus or train home from the airport. In this sense, it is a measure that can help to avoid infection during transport to the place they go in quarantine, says department director Line Vold at the National Institute of Public Health.

New guidelines have long been expected for the use of sanitary napkins in society after NIPH was commissioned by the Ministry of Health and Care Services to assess in which situations and under which criteria the use of sanitary napkins can be an effective measure.

– We must take into account that there are situations where it is difficult to keep a meter distance. There may be a recommendation to use a face mask on public transport during rush hour. The reason why the council does not come today is that it requires preparations, says Høie.


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