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Mette Frederiksen

Mette Frederiksen In Mail: It’s In Play For Faster Reopening

Mette Frederiksen

Prior to Wednesday’s negotiations, the State Serum Institute has been asked to make specific calculations in a number of closed areas.

Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen is prepared to extend the so-called phase two of the reopening of Denmark.

Now, an email gives more specific suggestions on what comes first to come into play earlier than planned. These are calculations that include fitness centers, cultural institutions, swimming pools and colleges, among other things.

– We would suggest that SSI make calculations for a possible expansion of phase two with the elements from both phase three and four – that is, basically everything that has not already been opened, Mette Frederiksen writes in the email sent from the Prime Minister to the party leaders .

Here is the list Mette Frederiksen has suggested calculations for:

  • Culture and activities – including museums, art galleries, cinemas, zoo, botanical plants, summer activities for children and outdoor amusement parks.
  • Public sector, especially exposed to “case humps”.
  • Full opening of public research activities requiring attendance.
  • Adult education targeted unemployed (for example AMU) and language centers.
  • Indoor sports and associations (for example, evening schools).
  • Increased physical presence in public workplaces.
  • Full opening of DR and TV2.
  • All other programs.
  • Additional parts of indoor sports and leisure facilities (for example, gyms, water parks, playgrounds, swimming pools)

Discos are super spreaders

Although everything is in principle a possible reopening, there is no prospect of discos and venues opening the doors. The risk of infection is considered to be too high.

– However, due to the well-established problems of super-spreading at discos, venues and in the nightlife, we would suggest that part is not included. Instead, the health authorities can make a qualitative assessment of this, the email says.

Already on Thursday, ahead of a televised party leadership debate, it was clear that the prime minister was ready to lean on restrictions and deadlines in certain areas.

This is because the corona smith is now considered to be so much under control that one can speed up the opening.

At the end of last week, the Folketing agreed to more reopening of the country.

Among other things, major centers could open this week, and on Monday, restaurants, cafés, after-schools and churches will open as part of phase two.

But so far, zoos, museums and cinemas have been set to open June 8 only when phase three begins. But this can change if calculations from SSI give rise to this.

Mette Frederiksen has so far declined to discuss opening the borders for tourists to help the economically distressed communities, but spoke during a party leadership debate on Thursday about a “limited opening” following pressure from New Civil, Radical Left, the Danish People’s Party and the Left.

– If we are talking about a model where it is about people who come to Denmark as tourists, where it can help the local communities, then it is something else, says Mette Frederiksen.

Source: nyheder.tv2.dk

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