August 7, 2022
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South Carolina nightclub shooting

Two killed, eight injured during a South Carolina nightclub shooting

South Carolina nightclub shooting

The motive behind shooting at a nightclub in Greenville is unknown. It is also unknown whether anyone has been arrested.

Two people have been killed and eight people injured in a shooting at a South Carolina nightclub. According to the AP, the local sheriff said

The condition of the injured “varies,” the local police further informs.

The shooting happened at night until Sunday local time. The motive behind the shooting is unknown.

The injured were taken to the hospital immediately after the incident.

At a news conference, local police chief Hobart Lewis says a patrol saw a crowd of people running out of the nightclub while shots could be heard from inside the building.

It remains unclear whether there were one or more perpetrators.

– We don’t really have any people in the binoculars that we can name, says Hobart Lewis, who adds that the background to the shooting is also not clear.

Unknown perpetrators

It is not known who is behind the shooting, nor is it clear whether anyone has been arrested.

The nightclub in question, Lavish Lounge, is located about eight miles southwest of Greenville in South Carolina.


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