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Corona Virus

Coronavirus: Spain imposes local lockdown in Galicia

Corona Virus

Officials in Spain’s north-western region of Galicia have re-imposed restrictions on an area of 70,000 people following a Covid-19 outbreak.

Only those travelling for work will be allowed to leave or enter the coastal district of A Marina from midnight on Sunday to Friday.

The move comes a day after the north-eastern region of Catalonia imposed a similar local lockdown.

Nationally, Spain’s outbreak has been essentially brought under control.

The country has recorded more than a quarter of a million cases and at least 28,385 deaths. But daily fatalities have been in the single figures for most of the past three weeks.

Spain has been reopening its borders to other EU states, as well as the UK, in anticipation of summer holiday traffic.

Regional health officials announced on Sunday that travel in and out of A Marina would be severely restricted for five days – although people would remain free to move around the area.

Gatherings will be limited to 10 people. Face masks will be mandatory outdoors.


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