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Sunny Beach

End Holidays to Sunny Beach: Now all unnecessary travel to Bulgaria is discouraged

Sunny Beach
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At the same time, Danish tourists in a Spanish region are now encouraged to be tested at home.

Danish tourists should now avoid traveling to popular tourist destinations such as Sunny Beach and Golden Sands.

In the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ updated travel guide, which takes into account the latest infection rates in EU and the United Kingdom, Bulgaria has gone from yellow to orange . This means that all unnecessary travel is now discouraged.

If you are already staying in Bulgaria, you can stay until your holiday is over. However, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs calls on Danes in Bulgaria to pay special attention to the travel advice during the corona pandemic.

The new travel guide also includes one advice to Danes visiting the Spanish regionAragón. After rising infection rates, people should get tested when they get home. However, the travel guide for Spain in general remains yellow, thus only encouraging travelers to be extra careful.

With Bulgaria in the orange category, all unnecessary travel to Bulgaria, Luxembourg, Portugal and Sweden is now discouraged due to infection rates. In addition, all unnecessary travel to Ireland is discouraged due to the country’s quarantine rules.


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