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Bruno Dey

93-year-old Former SS Guard Sentenced To Two Years Probation

Bruno Dey
                                                                                            Photo: Fabian Bimmer © Scanpix

German man convicted of guarding a Nazi concentration camp for killing 5,232 people.

A 93-year-old former SS guard has been sentenced to two years probation for his actions during World War II. It has a judge at the court in Hamburg ruled.

The German man named Bruno Dey is known to have been on duty in one of the Nazi death camps and thus contributed to the murder of 5,232 people.

From 1944 to 1945, the man was on guard in the Stutthof concentration camp, which at the time was located near the German-occupied Danzig, present-day Gdansk in Poland.

Case brought by juvenile court

Bruno Dey has himself recognized his presence in the camp but has denied responsibility for the killings.

Despite the defendant’s advanced age, the case against him has been brought before a juvenile court because he was 17 years old when he started as a guard at Stutthof.

According to prosecution was he, despite his young age, ‘a cog in the Nazi killing machine’

Did not participate voluntarily

Last October, Bruno Dey said at the trial that he was “sorry for what he has done”. It wrote the news agency AFP.

But at the same time he insisted that he had not voluntarily participated in the atrocities committed in the camp.

He acknowledged, however, that he was aware that the inmates in the camp were not criminals, but that they were being held captive for anti-Semitic or racist reasons.

Refuses to be a Nazi

Bruno Dey, who is a trained baker, has also previously rejected to the police that he was supposed to be a Nazi.

According to his own statement, he only ended up in the camp because he suffered from a heart disease and therefore could not serve as a soldier at the front.

65,000 of the 110,000 prisoners in the Stutthof camp lost their lives. 150 Danish communists were deported to Stutthof.

Source: dr.dk

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