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Danish Slave Rebels

Mayor Will Pay Tribute To Danish Slave Rebels With New Road Names

Danish Slave Rebels

Axeline Elizabeth Solomon’s All. Mary Thomas Road. Gottlieb Bordeaux Street.

Soon, addresses in Copenhagen can bear names that pay homage to heroic figures and rebel leaders from Denmark’s past as a colonial power and slave-trading nation.

This is said by technology and environmental mayor Ninna Hedeager Olsen (EL), who wants to work for new names for the capital’s street network, after demonstrations around the world have focused on a settlement with the slave trade of the past.

– There are other political colleagues who have to agree. But I imagine that they would like to vote for this, says Ninna Hedeager Olsen (EL), who is also chair of the municipality’s Road Name Board, which names new street sections.

She explains that the name proposals fit in well with the fact that in 2018 a statue was erected by the rebel leader ‘Queen Mary’ in the Port of Copenhagen.

– We have already taken the first steps in taking responsibility for and being honest about our slavery history in the city.

Ninna Hedeager Olsen mentions an upcoming one stage in the Nordhavn district as an opportunity for the new addresses.

Requires settlement with slave trade
Precisely the slave trade of the past has come into renewed critical focus after 46-year-old American George Floyd died during a police operation in the United States.

The episode started a chain reaction of demonstrations against racism around the world. Also in Denmark, where 15,000 people walked the streets in Copenhagen this weekend.


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