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New Agreement On Study Places: 5,000 More Can Be Admitted This Year

Study Places

Especially IT and technology and welfare programs such as nurse and educator are given more places for students.

5,000 more students this year can be notified that they have been offered a place in higher education. All the parties in the Parliament have just agreed.

In a time of crisis, we expect an extraordinary number of young people to apply for an education, says Ane Halsbo-Jørgensen, Minister of Education and Research (S), in a joint press conference with the parties.

That is why I am pleased that the entire Folketing supports that we create 5,000 seats, she says.

The parties prioritize creating 4,500 seats in technology and IT, and education that contributes to the green transition and growth in the economy.

In addition, 500 places are created on so-called welfare programs such as nurse, educator and teacher as well as education.

About half of the seats expect the lots to be created educational institutions in the capital, while the other half is placed around the country.

Which ones educational institutionsHowever, the number of seats has not been definitively decided, as the parties now have to engage in dialogue on, among other things, the capacity of the individual programs.


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