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Rasmus Paludan

Attorney General Demands Jail For Rasmus Paludan

Rasmus Paludan

The court in Næstved must decide on charges involving a total of 14 different offenses, writes Berlingske.

The head of the Tight Course is due again in court in a criminal case, among other things, racism.

The court in Næstved must decide whether Rasmus Paludan is guilty of 14 different matters in a new indictment, Berlingske writes .

They include both statements and violent acts. Thus, according to the indictment, Rasmus Paludan must have put another person’s life at risk in an episode in Sorø last January.

One person was lying on his car’s cooler while gasping vigorously and accelerating, it is alleged, according to Berlingske.

The Attorney General in Copenhagen the charges have been raised, and the claim is not just a prison sentence.

Rasmus Paludan is a lawyer, and prosecution also want him denied the right to deal with criminal and free trial cases for a period of time.

‘I’m innocent of everything’
The allegation of racism concerns some statements that Rasmus Paludan made during a demonstration in Frederikssund in August 2018, Berlingske writes.

The defendant pleaded not guilty, he declares in a text message to the newspaper.

– I am innocent of everything, no matter what the court reaches, he writes.

Last July, he was sentenced by the Eastern Lands Court to 14 days’ suspended prison for racism. In a video, he had come alongdegrading and derogatory statements about blacks in South Africa.

Several episodes starring the lawyer have led to police investigations and legal considerations at prosecution.

So decided attorney General in the spring that Paludan should not be indicted for violence because of an incident at the Langeland festival.

Last year declined attorney General in addition, to raise a criminal case for racism because of a speech the lawyer and party leader held in 2016 in New Harbor in Copenhagen.

Here, the Copenhagen Police had sued Paludan for saying that non-ethnic Danes are poor people in the sewers. The deaths of these people will be necessary and legal, he said, according to the charge.

But Attorney General Jan Rechendorff believed the words were aimed at about 350,000 people, and that group is so wide that it is not protected by clause in the Criminal Code, which is about threatening, deriding and demeaning certain groups.

Therefore, no charges were brought in that case.

Source: dr.dk

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