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PlayStation 5

PlayStation 5 Officially Revealed: ‘It Looks Like Something From The Future’

PlayStation 5

Sony has just unveiled the design of the new console, just as a host of games have been published.

It looks like something that is far from the future.

This is how the vast majority of the thousands sound reactions, after Sony on Thursday night officially revealed PlayStation 5, expected by the end of 2020.

It happened at an online event where millions of expectant gaming fans watched as the gaming giant finally revealed the consoleappearance.

The console is being compared to everything from “a spaceship” to “a skyscraper,” just as the color choices are hotly debated on Reddit , the world’s gaming websites, YouTube and Twitter .

PlayStation5 comes in two editions. A “regular” edition where you can play your physical games as you normally do. And a “digital edition” where all the games are to be downloaded via Sony’s own online store.

My first thought was: shut up, it’s nice! And I still think it is. It’s really a different, futuristic design, tellsPlayStationexpert and editor-in-chief at PSLife.dk, Palle Havshøi-Jensen, and continues:

I think it’s good that a digital edition without a disk drive is coming. Because I don’t think that many people buy all their games physically anymore.

But even though PlayStation 5’s design immediately impresses, Palle Havshøi-Jensen is a bit skeptical of the design’s durability:

I’m a little excited about what it will look like over time. For something that you are immediately most impressed with is often what you get tired of most quickly. This is also the case with songs. If a song is really good at first listen, I quickly get tired of it. But a song that grows quietly on one is often long-lasting. So I don’t know how to lookPlayStation 5 design in a few years.

On the international betting websites speculated whether the digital version of PlayStation 5 will be cheaper, but Sony has not yet announced anything regarding the prices for the consoles.

In addition to the console itself, Sony also unveiled a host of accessories for the PlayStation5. The list includes a new controller, a camera, a new headset and a remote control. All in all, we only saw brief glimpses of the presentation video.


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