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Here Is Where You Can Travel To From Sweden And When You Can

Summer Holidays

Many European countries have started lifting travel restrictions – but different rules may apply depending on where you’re travelling from.

Sweden’s foreign ministry currently advises against all non-essential travel to anywhere in the world. This is linked to travel restrictions and the fast-changing global situation which could leave travellers stranded rather than the risks posed directly by the coronavirus.

The recommendation is currently in place until June 30th for ten EU countries, July 15th for the remaining EU/EEA countries, and August 31st for countries outside the bloc.

It isn’t legally binding, so it’s still possible for individuals to travel. However, when the foreign ministry advises against travel, this also has an impact on things like travel insurance validity, so people who take a non-essential trip against the advice and find themselves stranded or in need of assistance may end up heavily out of pocket.

Alongside that advice from the Swedish government, here are some of the rules in place across Europe.


Austria extended its entry policy on June 16th, where borders opened to a total of 31 countries without any need for quarantine. Sweden is not on that list, and along with travellers from Portugal, Spain and the UK, visitors to Austria from Sweden will either need to show a negative coronavirus test result or otherwise quarantine for 14 days on arrival. If a test is done during quarantine and its negative, quarantine can be ended early.

Read more about the situation from Austria’s Ministry of Agriculture, Regions and Tourism.


Belgium dropped its entry restrictions for travellers from EU countries, including Sweden on June 15th.


Bulgaria opened its borders to tourists from several countries including EU countries on June 15th, but travellers Sweden, Portugal and the UK must quarantine for 14 days on arrival.


Croatia opened its borders to tourists from EU countries, but Sweden is not one of the countries from where travel is allowed restriction-free. Instead, tourists from Sweden must show they have a reason for travel — proof of booked accommodation is accepted at the time of publication.

Read more about the situation from the Croatian tourist board.


Cyprus has categorised countries into A, B and C according to their epidemiological situation. At the moment, the 35 countries in categories A and B are allowed to travel into Cyprus, as long as passengers complete a flight pass form before travel. Sweden is not at the time of writing listed in either category. These lists are to be updated weekly.

Read more about the situation from the Cyprus tourist board.

Czech Republic

The Czech Republic has created three groups based on the current level of infection. At the time of writing, Sweden is in the top risk group (check the latest information here), which means that people who have a special reason to travel or are Czech residents have to show a health certificate to be allowed into the country. It’s not possible to travel to the Czech Republic for tourism from Sweden.


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