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Man sailed around without a watercraft certificate


It was Deputy Commissioner Finn Ellesgaard who was responsible for today’s daily report. He stated that between Saturday at 17:00 and until Sunday at 00:15 there was a burglary in a villa on 6 July. You have come in through the kitchen window, but there is no overview yet as to whether something has been stolen.

On Ravnsgårdsvej there was a burglary in a villa between June 7 at 12:00 and until June 15 at 13:27. A window pane has been smashed in the patio door. One has been around the living room and kitchen, where a design chair and a design lamp have been stolen.

A container has been broken up in the King’s Quarter. It happened between Thursday at 16:00 and until Friday at 07:00. The lock has probably been cut with an angle grinder, and various types of hand tools have been stolen, including the Bosch brand.

On Strevelinsvej at Mc’Donalds Sunday at 11:20 pm, a 19-year-old man, who is not from Fredericia, was stopped. It turned out that his promissory note was above the permissible and that he also had no driver’s license, which is why he was charged.

On Saturday on Egeskovvej a 27-year-old man from Fredericia was stopped. It turned out that he had no driver’s license and he was charged with that. The same was true in Jernbanegade on Sunday at 23:15, where a 30-year-old man from Frederiica also had no driver’s license.

On Sunday at 17:16, a 29-year-old man, who is not from Fredericia, was charged with maritime law when he sailed around on a water scooter near Østerstrand. He had no watercraft certificate, nor could he present insurance papers. Therefore, he can now look forward to a fine.

All information provided in this article is provided by Southeast Jutland Police at the daily press briefing.

Source: Fredericia AVISEN

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