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coronary death

Another day without coronary death: The number of admissions is falling further

coronary death

There are eight fewer coronavirus admissions than yesterday.

For the third consecutive day, no coronary-related events were recorded death the latest Day.

The total number of deaths with covid-19 detected is therefore still 593.

This is the latest statement from the Danish Serum Institute.

At the same time, the number of patients admitted with coronavirus has fallen by eight since yesterday, so the number is now down to 63.

There has also been a decrease in the number of patients with covid-19 in the intensive care units, with a total of 14 covid-19 patients admitted. Seven of them are in respirators.

Lately Day7,554 people have responded to a test for coronavirus infection. Only 19 of them have tested positive.

That brings the total number of corona-infected cases confirmed to 12,035.

The Board of Patient Safety announced yesterday thatthe authorities will intensify infection detection when a person has been tested positive for coronavirus.

With a new order from the end of May, the State Serum Institute can pass on information about infected to the board, so that the unit responsible for the infection detection can contact those who have been detected with coronavirus infection.

The information is collected by the Board on a daily basis and will be removed from the list every day.

After that, the Danish Patient Safety Agency can call the person and ask who the infected person has been in close contact with so that they can be tested for coronavirus.

In the past, infected people should contact the authorities themselves hotline for help with tracking.


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