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Police Operation In Glasgow

Great Police Operation In Glasgow

Police Operation In Glasgow
Several people are said to have been stabbed at a Glasgow hotel, reports the BBC. Police have blocked off an area in central parts of the city and are calling on the public to avoid the area. Six people, including a police officer, are taken care of in hospitals.

The suspected offender has been shot dead by police, Scotland Police confirmed on Twitter . Previously, it was unclear whether the man was alive or not.

Large police presence

Dozens of police vehicles and ambulances are on site and police presence is great around the barred West George Street. According to unconfirmed information to the BBC, three people have been killed.

According to Glasgow Police, the situation should be under control and writes on Twitter that there is no danger to the public.

Serious incident

There is scant information on what has happened at the Glasgow hotel which has been classified as a “serious incident”.

Several British politicians, like Prime Minister Boris Johnson, write on social media that their thoughts are with all victims and their families.

Source: svt.se

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