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Spy case from Ringsted: Norwegian-Iranians known guilty


The court in Roskilde has just handed down a judgment in the spectacular spy case.

A 40-year-old Norwegian-Iranian is known to have helped an Iranian on Friday morning intelligence with planning a killing of an exile Iranian in Ringsted.

The Court in Roskilde has just decided on a unanimous opinion.

Thus, a provisional sentence is set in a maximum sensational case that began with great drama on Friday, September 28, 2018, when PET and police shut down large parts of Zealand.

Here one feared assassination against an exile Iranian in Ringsted, who has been under PET protection since the spring of 2018 because he is the leader of the group ASMLA considered to be at risk of life.

The fear of one assassination on Danish ground, it was bound that the now convicted Norwegian-Iranian had been in Ringsted a few days before to observe and take pictures of the exile Iranian’s residence.

Photos and information about the address in Ringsted were then shared with a person who according to prosecution is a Iranian lead officer intelligence, and the material should allegedly included in the planning of a murder of the exile Iranian in Ringsted.

Secret PET searches
The Norwegian-Iranian was in Ringsted from it. 25th-27th September 2018, and at trial it emerged that PET shadowed the man by first searching the man’s car while he slept at Hotel Scandic in Ringsted, and the day afterraided PET The Norwegian-Iranian hotel room while having breakfast.

The man subsequently left for Iran, but when he returned to Europe and landed at Gothenburg Airport on October 21, 2018, he was arrested by the Swedish intelligence, Säpo and extradited to prosecution in Denmark.

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The Norwegian-Iranian has pleaded not guilty to all charges and previously stated during a hearing that he went to Ringsted to confront the exile Iranian with a 2012 adultery case.

“Unbelievable explanation”
That explanation called prosecutor, Søren Harbo, during his closing procedure of deeply “untrustworthy and contrived” with reference to the chat correspondence included in the case.

In the months leading up to his visit to Ringsted, the Norwegian-Iranian exchanged a number of messages with the alleged guidance officer via the WhatsApp message service.

Here the two communicated that the Norwegian-Iranian was going to “look at a commodity” and that he later wrote that he “was ready to go to the party.”


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