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Beware of the sun in the summer heat – the ozone layer over Denmark is falling


The sunny weather and a thinner ozone layer mean that the UV index rises to a high level.

The weather next week is very inviting for summer and swimwear. This is welcome for most people, but one should be aware that the sun’s UV rays are still powerful.

On Thursday, the UV index is expected to reach 5.6 in Copenhagen, and on Saturday the index will reach 6.0 in the capital. In southern Denmark, the index reaches a little higher, as the sun here reaches higher in the sky.

Increased risk of sunburn

The UV index can reach a maximum of about seven in Denmark and only near midsummer. When the UV index exceeds six, it is said to be high. You can therefore easily get a tan the next few days, when the sun shines from an almost cloudless sky.

There are several factors that are crucial to the UV index. One of the most important is the height of the sun, so it is especially in the noon hours that you have to be careful not to get sunburned.

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