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From Saturday All Public Transport In Luxembourg Is Free


Among other things, the new initiative will help to ease the country’s roads.

From Saturday it will no longer be necessary to buy a ticket if you are going by public transport in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

When the date changed to February 29, all public transport in the country became free. That’s what the British media writes The Independent.

An initiative that the country’s minister of transport and urban planning François Bausch calls “the social dot in the global strategy for a multimodal revolution”.

Actually, the measure was not to take effect until March 1, but the government has chosen to postpone the launch 24 hours ahead, so it can start in connection with the country’s celebration of the shooting year.
New government, new line

Nationwide free transport is a key element in the politics of Luxembourg’s government coalition, consisting of the Democratic Party, the Greens and the Social Democracy.

In addition to making the city greener, the new initiative must, among other things, help to relieve the roads. The capital of Luxembourg is one of the cities in the world that has the biggest traffic congestion.

According to The Independent, the country also holds the record as the place in the EU with the most cars per capita. At the same time, only one in five commuters use public transport, it says.

However, not all tickets will be abolished. If you want to travel in a finer company in the first class, it will still be necessary to acquire one of the kind.

According to François Bausch, this should enable people who would like to work on the train to do so calmly.

The last opportunity to pay the current fare of 2 euros (about 15 kroner) was on bus number six from Pletzer stop in the suburb of Helfenterbruck at 23.59 on Friday.

Source: nyheder.tv2.dk

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