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Germany Repeals Travel Warnings On June 15


Soon the Germans can travel to EU countries, the UK and several other countries.

German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas says Germany is lifting travel warnings for EUcountries, UK, Iceland, Norway, Liechtenstein and Switzerland from 15 June.

He says the guidelines will make it clear that the German authorities do not recommend traveling to the UK as long as a 14-day quarantine is in force.

Maas also makes it clear that the warnings can be reintroduced if the spread of coronary infections increases.

As for countries outside EU the German government is pending and will later take stock of the development.

Planning to stay home
Germany has Europe’s largest population, yet has far fewer death with coronavirus than the other major European countries.

A survey in Germany in May showed that the German tourists are largely planning to stay home this summer.

The survey conducted by the German TV channel ARD showed that half of them respondents, who already knows their plans for the summer, replied that they intend to stay in Germany.

It has previously been stated in the headline of this article that Germany will open the borders on 15 June. But what the German government has presented today is not a reopening of borders, but a changed travel guide for Germans when traveling to other countries.

Source: dr.dk

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