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Princess Sofia

First Pictures Of Princess Sofia

Princess Sofia

Here Princess Sofia, 35, beams after completing the nursing education at Sophia home’s hospital.

Now the princess is ready to help the care overloaded by the corona crisis.

She will relieve and support the staff in a care department, says Margareta Thorgren, Head of Information for Hovet.

Here are the first pictures of Princess Sofia in her new job – as nursing staff at Sophia home’s hospital.

The princess will start at Sophia home in the near future. She will relieve and support the staff in a care department, says Margareta Thorgren.

On Wednesday, Expressen reported that Princess Sofia had undergone a three-day education at the Sophiahemmet in Stockholm, for which she is honorary chair.

The purpose is to help the overloaded healthcare staff during the corona crisis – which required 1,333 lives in Sweden.

In the crisis we are in, she wants to contribute with workforce in the healthcare sector, says Margareta Thorgren.

Sophia home: “It is obvious for us to help”
The Sophia home’s hospital, founded in 1889, offers highly specialized care and has about 350 specialist physicians with different orientations from some 40 care providers.

Princess Sofia

During the corona crisis, the hospital quickly trained laid-off personnel, including from SAS air travel and the hotel and restaurant industry. The hospital has also switched operations to relieve emergency care in Stockholm.

The Stockholm region has commissioned the hospital to assist with fracture surgery, breast cancer surgeries and aftercare of patients operated on for cancer.

It is obvious for us to help. Because a large proportion of planned operations in the region are currently canceled, we have both available operating capacity and competent staff, plus about 20 care places, says Åsa Larsson, Deputy Hospital Manager for Sophiahemmet in a statement.

Source: www.expressen.se

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