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The Government Is Hoping For A Reopening Deal Thursday Night


The corona eruption has been so well managed now that the next phase of the reopening of Denmark must be planned.

Will it be possible to book a time for the hairdresser already on Friday to have his hair cut or maybe a time with the chiropractor to get the body back in order?

That and much else the party leaders must discuss on Thursday night.

At 20, Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen (S) and the other party leaders will meet in a video conference to find out how the further re-opening of Denmark during the corona crisis will take place.

Hope for a quick deal

According to Jesper Petersen, who is the political spokesman for the Social Democracy, the government hopes to land a deal quickly.

The party leaders will meet again tonight at 20. There, the government hopes to be able to finalize an agreement, not least for the sake of Danish business and workplaces, says Jesper Petersen.

Denmark has done relatively well in reducing the infection. But we are still in a risky situation. So one must not give the impression that now we can just reopen everything, he says.

Invites V for constructive cooperation

Jesper Petersen also calls on the Left “to hold on to a constructive cooperation”.

The S government has been criticized for not informing the parties well enough in the process. Among other things, the Left has been critical on that front.

Most recently, the Left and a number of other parties – among them the government’s support party The Radicals – have called on the government to immediately get 27,000 people in liberal professions back on the job.

This is according to a note from the Danish Serum Institute’s health professional. Liberal professions include, for example, hairdressers, dentists, physiotherapists and chiropractors.

Mette Frederiksen has already stated that in connection with the further reopening of Denmark, the government will involve the other parties more than before.

According to the Left, however, there is no need to negotiate, for example, the liberal professions. They should rather open today than tomorrow. Political spokeswoman Sophie Løhde (V) said this on Thursday.

Not all wishes can be fulfilled

Jesper Petersen does not care much for Left’s criticism.

After all, you can’t both ask for negotiations, and when they do, you criticize them for going on and that not just a decision is made immediately, he says.

Jesper Petersen emphasizes that it is not possible to fulfill all the wishes of the various parties for the further reopening of Denmark.

There is a small room to extend the first phase of the reopening. If you open all the liberal professions, there are other things that cannot be done. The party leaders must discuss that, he says.

Source: www.dr.dk

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