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Sweden Is Experiencing A Large Increase In Deaths – One Region Is Particularly Affected


Stockholm is by far the region in Sweden where most people with coronavirus have lost their lives.

The number of deaths related to coronavirus in Sweden has exploded in recent days.

On Wednesday, the total number reached 62 deaths. That’s more than a doubling in just two days.

Now we can say that the storm is here

Not least, the Stockholm region stands out with no fewer than 37 dead. Eighteen of the deaths have been registered within the last 24 hours in the region, with just under 2.4 million inhabitants being Sweden’s most populous.

Five days ago I said a storm would come. Now we can say that the storm is here, says Björn Eriksson, director of health and medicine in the Stockholm region, according to the Swedish newspaper Expressen .

Ready for highest alarm readiness

A total of 2,526 cases of coronavirus infection have been registered in Sweden. 1070 cases have been registered in the Stockholm region, where they have seen an increase of 111 people over the past 24 hours.

Out of the 1070 infected, 65 patients are currently admitted to the intensive care unit.

If the development continues, then I am ready to go at the highest alarm readiness, says Björn Eriksson.

In Sweden, health care has already been strengthened by setting up several field hospitals – including one in Stockholm.

The schools are open and the Swedes still meet in cafes

Despite the recent rise in deaths in Sweden, schools and institutions remain open. Public workplaces are in full swing, and cafes and restaurants are open as usual.

On Sunday evening, Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Löfven spoke to the nation, announcing that he would not impose a wide range of restrictions that have been seen in several European countries.

One of the countries is Denmark, where Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen (S) has, several times since March 12, introduced restrictions that have in many ways shut down the country.

Most hospitalized in the Capital Region

In Denmark, 34 coronary-related deaths were registered on Wednesday, March 25, but no figures have yet been published for where the deaths occurred in the country.

On the other hand, these are the figures for which regions have the most people with coronavirus. A total of 350 are registered as admitted to Danish hospitals. 141 persons are admitted to the Capital Region, while the rest are distributed over the four other regions.

Of the total number of admissions in Denmark, 87 patients are admitted to the intensive care unit.

Source: nyheder.tv2.dk

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