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Corona Deaths

A Total Of 41 Coronas Infected Danes Have Died

A total of 41 corona-infected persons in Denmark have now died.

That’s an increase of seven people since yesterday.

386 coronas infected Danes are hospitalized, of which 94 are in intensive care units and 78 of them are in respirators.

Thus, there has been an increase of 36 people in the number of hospitalized patients since yesterday, while another two are in respirators.

Earlier today, it emerged that 1,851 people were found infected, which is 127 more than yesterday.

However, it is believed to be a great darkness, as so far only people with strong symptoms have been tested.

In the Faroe Islands, 132 people have been infected, while 2,667 people have been tested. In Greenland, six people have been infected and 265 people have been tested.

Several need to be tested

A total of 15,981 people have been tested, which is 1,022 more than yesterday.

The National Board of Health yesterday presented new guidelines to ensure that more people are tested.

The ambition is to test up to 5,000 Danes a day in the future. That will be roughly a fivefold increase from the current level.

Tuesday this week, 850 were tested. Monday, the number was 1,032.

However, the authorities are challenged by the lack of test equipment, and in order to reach 5000 daily tests there is therefore a need to obtain extra.

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