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One Coronavirus Death Recorded In Denmark Over The Weekend


Since Friday, a person has died with coronavirus, figures from the Statens Serum Institut show.

18 people are hospitalized with coronavirus, and that is one more than last Friday.

They show the latest figures from the Statens Serum Institut.

Over the weekend, one person with coronavirus has passed away, and a further 91 have been confirmed infected.

Six are admitted to intensive care, three of them in respirators. In total, one patient is less hospitalized with a respirator in Denmark.

Norway has no respirator for the first time
Norwegian hospitals on Monday, for the first time since the onset of the virus outbreak, have no corona patients on a respirator.

This is stated by the Norwegian health authorities, writes the Norwegian newspaper VG.

A total of six patients were hospitalized with coronaviruses in Norwegian hospitals on Monday, but none of them needed respiratory treatment.

However, one of the six patients is still admitted to the intensive care unit, writes the news agency NTB.

The inmates are all located in southeastern Norway.

Since the coronavirus broke out in Norway, a total of 8981 Norwegians have been tested positive for the virus.

About 250 Norwegians have been registered dead with coronavirus since the virus broke out in the country.

In comparison, in Denmark more than 12,900 cases have been found, while over 600 patients have been found dead with coronavirus.

Source: dr.dk

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