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Mette Frederiksen

Denmark Government closes bars and restaurants in the entire country at 10pm

Mette Frederiksen

Due to rising corona infection, bars and restaurants across the country are due to close at 10pm, the prime minister said at a news conference.

The corona infection is now so widespread in Denmark that bars, pubs and restaurants across the country must close and send guests home at 10 pm.

It has Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen (S) just announced at a press conference on corona situation, which can be followed on DR1 and dr.dk .

– The corona has once again taken hold of our society. We are in a serious situation. And that is why we are coming today with national initiatives , she says.

Right now, all bars in the metropolitan area must close two hours before midnight – and it is now spreading to the rest of the country.

– We are spreading that effort so that it applies throughout the country, and in addition we are introducing new initiatives . These measures are currently valid until and including 4 October, says Mette Frederiksen.

Assembly ban tightened

Among other things, the assembly ban will be lowered to 50 people across the country with effect from tomorrow at 12 noon.

However, there are certain exceptions for events where participants mainly sit down – including football matches.

Everyone is also encouraged to work from home where possible.

That is, whether one is employed in the private or public sector. People are also encouraged to avoid public transport during rush hour , if possible.

– We must all use our common sense. It is about limiting social interaction with other people.

– We are still in the middle of a global pandemic. It is now the infection that must be brought down, says the Prime Minister.

Several young people have been admitted

The message comes after rising infection rates. The Prime Minister states that 454 people have been registered infected from yesterday to today. 58 people are hospitalized with Covid-19.

– We are well on our way into an autumn and a winter and into a new phase in the fight against corona. When we put in now, it’s to get the infection down.

– We are not the same place as March 11. But we must avoid getting there again, says the Prime Minister, referring to the first phase of the corona pandemic in Denmark.

Health Minister Magnus Heunicke (S) adds that there are 11 newly admitted people.

He emphasizes that a larger proportion of young people are now also hospitalized.

– All age groups are represented. 14 percent of inmates are under 30, he says.

He says that the infection is serious – not just in Denmark, but also in many other places in Europe.

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