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Magnus Heunicke

Warning from the authorities: The infection must go down before Monday otherwise …

Magnus Heunicke

If the infection in several cities does not come under control soon, new measures may be on the way.

Over the past week, the number of new infections in several municipalities has grown significantly.

Today, the health authorities are issuing a warning: If the corona infection does not come under control as soon as possible, new restrictions will be introduced .

– If the infection continues to rise, then it is not unrealistic that we use tougher tools already on Monday, says Anette Lykke Petri, Acting Director at the Danish Agency for Patient Safety, at a press conference at the Ministry of Health and the Elderly.

Minister of Health and the Elderly Magnus Heunicke (S) gives the same warning:

It is clear that if the infection continues to increase, then we have to use some tools that we know from Aarhus, have a significant effect in beating down the infection, he says.

Local shutdowns

In Aarhus, educational institutions were closed down when the municipality experienced new outbreaks. The Minister warns that more cities may be affected by similar restrictions .

– Local shutdowns are one of the options at the very top of our tool drawer. We’ll look at the numbers again this weekend. And if it’s relevant, then that’s something we want to do, he says.

The background for the raised index fingers is that in 88 municipalities new infections have been registered in the past week. 14 municipalities are currently on the authorities’ special observation list, as there are more than 20 infected per 100,000 inhabitants .

Today, 173 new infections have been registered nationwide – yesterday the number was 179 – and that after a long period in which the number of new infections has been much lower.


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