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Home helper punished with jail terms for stealing old people’s account information

Home helper

Friday has a 27-year-old female home carer recognized guilty of fraud of elderly and infirm people.

It costs her a sentence of ten months in prison.

This is the third time she is taking advantage of her position to cheat on the bank accounts of weak people.

In this case, according to the indictment, the woman had cheated herself of around DKK 338,000 from six different victims while she was employed as a home helper in a temporary employment agency.

According to the indictment, the frauds took place in the period February 2019 to May this year. At that time, the victims lived in nursing homes or in sheltered housing in Greater Copenhagen and North Zealand.

– It is a boring pattern, and therefore the punishment is also as harsh as it is, explained judge Gitte Cordes.

From February 2019 to May this year, she cheated her access to the victims’ bank accounts just to spend their money on expensive trips abroad and furniture for herself.

The woman admitted to having spent the money on several websites. Including Gucci, Magasin and Sunweb.

Was denied the right to be a domestic worker

When the woman was convicted of fraud in 2013 , she was also denied the right to work as a home carer.

Despite the dismissal, in 2020 she was still employed by SOS Vikar, which is a health professional agency that sends substitutes out to the public and private care.

But according to quality director at SOS Vikar, Lene Hansen, they have not had an opportunity to acquire that knowledge about the 27-year-old woman’s previous misdeeds.

– Private institutions do not have access to the public criminal record , where one would otherwise have seen her disqualification, she says.

The so-called public criminal record states an unconditional prison sentence of at least ten years. But on the so-called private criminal record , it disappears five years after release. Therefore, SOS Vikar could not see it.

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