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Parties and intro tours under suspicion of micro outbreaks in Odense


Friday night there will be a lot of police on the streets in Odense.

A cocktail of open educational venues, intro tours and several parties is probably the reason why corona infection is spreading right now, especially in Odense – but also elsewhere in the country.

It is especially the young people who are affected – at the educational institution UCL alone, more than 1,000 teacher students have been sent home after 36 cases of infection.

At Funen Police, the analysis is that it has probably gone a little too fast in recent weeks, and that there has not been enough focus on complying with the health authorities’ guidelines .

– When we look at what has happened here in Odense at UCL, we must say that there has been some carelessness in some situations. But perhaps it reminds us all that people of all ages, including young people, should think carefully and find the good routines from spring and summer onwards, says police director Arne Gram.

In Odense, the popular study start festival Generator has been canceled, but it is still expected that the city’s streets on Friday night will be well filled with irrigated young people. Therefore, the police also call for caution.

– The authorities’ instructions on cleanliness and distance must be observed . We must keep the infection out, even when the booze enters. And then feel free to avoid these group hugs and otherwise have a happy day in the city.

– To the restaurateurs, I want to say that they must keep a close eye on the young people, keep a close eye on everyone in fact, and remember the rules that people must not stay too close, says Arne Gram.

As a consequence of the cancellation of Generator, the festival has decided to donate all their purchased protective equipment to educational institutions and colleges in Odense.


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