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Larmet från Stockholm: Nu kommer smittan igen

The alarm from Stockholm: Now the infection comes again

Larmet från Stockholm: Nu kommer smittan igen

The number of covid-19 infections in Stockholm has almost doubled in two weeks in a row. 

In the nursing homes, there has been no spread at all to 16 new cases in the last week.

– We see a trend break, says Maria Rotzén Östlund, acting infection control doctor at the Stockholm Region.

During the period 17–24 September, 855 new cases of confirmed covid-19 infection were registered in the Stockholm Region.

This is almost a doubling compared to the previous seven-day period, when 445 cases were registered. During the period before that, there were 248 new infections.

The latest figure is also the highest in the Stockholm Region since the beginning of July.

– What we can see are worrying signs that the spread of infection is increasing. These are low levels but it is increasing, Björn Eriksson, director of healthcare in the Stockholm Region, told SVT Nyheter .

– I get desperate about those who behave as if it is over. You can affect others who are much more sensitive.

At the county’s nursing homes, 16 new cases have been registered between 17 and 24 September, compared with five new cases during the previous seven days and no cases the period before.

Infected people are now found in six of the county’s nursing homes. On September 14, only three residents were infected. 

– Everyone who has operations is on their toes and extremely vigilant and works to ensure that it does not become like this spring, says Maria Rotzén Östlund, acting infection control doctor in the Stockholm Region, to TT.

May be extended restrictions

An increase in the spread of infection is also seen in the country as a whole, although not as clearly as in Stockholm.

– Developments in Sweden are slowly going in the wrong direction, said state epidemiologist Anders Tegnell at Thursday’s press conference with the Swedish Public Health Agency.

He has said that local coronary restrictions may be introduced in Stockholm when the trend now seems to be going in the wrong direction. Isolation of family members to infected people is a measure that has been discussed.

– The details are not clear. But it can be a part that we think can reduce the infection, says Maria Rotzén Östlund to TT. 

However, the number of people who are so ill that they need intensive care is still low in Stockholm. On Friday, 30 patients with covid-19 were treated in hospital, of which six in the intensive care unit. 

When the situation was at its worst in the spring, about 1,000 patients were hospitalized, of which about 200 were in the intensive care unit.

Source: expressen.se

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