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Farewell to holidays and rising infection curves make the Danish Health and Medicines Authority recommend face mask


Increased activity in the community and more infections are the background for the recommendation on face mask.

In Denmark, the health authorities have been more reluctant to recommend bandages than the authorities in other countries.

As recently as the beginning of last week, the director of the National Board of Health, Søren Brostrøm, said that face mask in public spaces “make no sense in the current situation”.

But on Friday, the message from the agency was that it recommended the use of face mask during rush hour in public transport.

What changed in so few days?

– As such, not a few things have changed. But it is an overall assessment of how the infection develops, which we continuously follow, and where we imagine what will happen, says Dan Brun Petersen, acting center manager at the National Board of Health , in P1 Morgen.

– Now we can look forward to more people returning from vacation and going back to work. Therefore, we assess an increased activity among the population and therefore also more situations where it may be more difficult to keep distance.

More and more infected

New cases have been registered in 70 of the country’s 98 municipalities over the past week, and the number of registered cases has grown steadily in recent weeks.


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