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Denmark is the most expensive country in the EU


Prices for food, alcohol and consumables are 40 percent more expensive in Denmark than the average for the 27 EU countries.

Denmark is the most expensive country to be in EU.

It shows a report from the statistics agency Eurostat, which has provided an overview of prices of consumer goods and services in all 27 EUcountries for 2019.

Prices of food, alcohol, tobacco and consumer goods is 40 percent more expensive in Denmark than the average for the 27 EUcountries of destination.

The cheapest countries to be in are Bulgaria and Romania. Here it is 47 and 45 percent cheaper than the average and thus three times as cheap as Denmark.

If you dive into the subcategories, Denmark has the most expensive food and drink without alcohol in it EU. It is 29 percent more expensive than average. Switzerland not a member ofEU, has the highest prices in Europe.

The cheapest food and drink is found in Romania, where it is 34 percent cheaper than average.

Clothes, shoes, restaurants and hotels are also the most expensive here
Denmark also takes first place in terms of clothing and shoes (32 percent more expensive than average), personal transport (38 percent), leisure and culture (48 percent), and restaurants and hotels (56 percent), the report shows.

Restaurants and hotels are three times as expensive in Denmark as in Bulgaria.

But Denmark is not at the top in all areas.

Alcohol and tobacco are the most expensive in Ireland, where it is 88 percent more expensive than the average, while it is only 19 percent more expensive than the average in Denmark.

In terms of housing prices, Denmark ranks fourth with 63 per cent more expensive homes after Ireland (77 per cent), the UK (72 per cent) – which at that time had not yet left EU – and Luxembourg (70 percent).

Denmark is even below average for EUcountries with 0.1 percent in terms of furniture. Here, Luxembourg is the most expensive with 24 percent above the average and Bulgaria the cheapest with 51 percent below the average.

Only the Netherlands has more expensive transport than Denmark, with 46 percent compared to Denmark’s 40 percent above average.

Source: dr.dk

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