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coronary death

Coronavirus has spread to 19 hospitals in Denmark

coronary death

Two out of three hospitals estimate that staff or patients have been infected with Covid-19 in the hospital.

More than 160 employees and an unknown number of patients have probably been infected with coronavirus in Danish hospitals.

This shows a survey conducted by Jyllands-Posten. Twenty-six of 27 public hospitals have responded to the survey.

In total, 19 hospitals state that they have experienced at least one case in which one person is very likely to have infected at least two others in the hospital.

This is “an exceptionally high number”, says Hans Jørn Kolmos, professor of clinical microbiology at the University of Southern Denmark.

– I actually get a little shaken up by the numbers, he says.

Professor is not surprised
Jørn Kolmos believes that the infection is probably not spread due to failing hand hygiene and cleaning.

– Much indicates that this virus also infects through droplets in the air. The type of infection most of our hospitals are not designed to prevent. In relation to infection, this virus is a much bigger challenge than you have been prepared to recognize.

Jan Pravsgaard Christensen, Professor of Infectious Immunology at the University of Copenhagen, is not surprised that the infection has spread in two of three hospitals.

– If things go wrong, it’s a place like the hospitals, it goes wrong. When patients are already sick, they are more susceptible to coronavirus, he says.

Many of the hospitals can to a large extent inform how many employees have been affected by the spread of infection. But there is greater uncertainty about the number of infected patients, Jyllands-Posten writes.

Danish Region President Stephanie Lose (V) tells Jyllands-Posten that she believes the country’s hospitals have become much better at managing and preventing coronary infection during the pandemic.

source: tv2east.dk

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